Some information concerning our current activities.

We are Finnish family located at South-Espoo and at Lohja. Anne lives with her family at our old flat in Tiistila.

We bought a new lot in Nummi-Pusula at Saukkola village and are building a log house.

We have a summer mansion at Kurikka, North West Finland (Botnia) close to Vaasa.

The mansion is located at Opas close to Jokipiin Pellava - production.
Here is a foto of the mansion.

If you have problems to understand this Ostrobotnia-dialect, please visit Kurikka-Suomi dictionary.

We had also one extra family member, Dalmatian Riku. He was born on 14.10.1996 and passed away 11.3.2009. R.I.P

We used to work voluntary in Matinkylä Walkers , which was a place for youngsters to visit each other on Fridays.
This service has been shut down on October 2009 as Espoo community did not want to offer a reasonable place for this service.

Information of the cafeterias around Finland can be found from here. Katso kahvilan Suomenkielisiä sivuja.

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